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How do I write high quality content to top search results?

  How do I write high quality content to top search results?


Writing high-quality content has become one of the most important factors that lead search results in the current period after the recent updates from Google, yet I still find many bloggers putting their full focus and time on learning SEO strategies and applying them to their sites.

How do I write high quality content
How do I write high quality content

Of course, we don't deny how important it is to follow a clear but ineffective SEO strategy without writing exclusive high-quality content, so I'll teach you in today's topic how to write high-quality content to top Google's search results.


What is high quality content?

High-quality content in the eyes of Google is all content that provides the answer or information that the visitor is looking for in the search engine, and is written according to SEO standards, in addition to the availability of some other factors that I will explain to you in this article.

What is the importance of writing quality content?

Writing high-quality content gives confidence to your site visitors that you are providing them with the right information they are looking for, in addition to speeding up the archiving process and topping search results in Google.


What's the difference between writing quality content and writing content according to SEO standards?

Of course, writing high-quality content is different from writing content according to SEO standards, and here's the difference between the two:


How to write content according to SEO standards?

It is a high-level SEO strategy while writing content on your site, meaning that you write an article to top search results in Google, that is, you do not care about anything else while writing content other than formatting it and employing keywords and auxiliary words in a way that makes you configure the article to produce search results and attract traffic and only.


How to write high quality content?

Writing high-quality content is the writing of topics aimed mainly at answering the questions and searches conducted by visitors in the search box, so that when a visitor enters your site and reads your content comes out of it and has got the full and clear answer that he is looking for without continuing to enter other search results, and here we say that you write high-quality content.


Steps to Write SEO-Compliant Content

  • Choose a suitable keyword and help words.

  • Study and analyze the content of competitors.

  • Write subtitles that are relevant to the topic of the article.

  • Employ the keyword in the right places.

  • Write content in specialized topics.


Choose the right keyword and help words

This is done in two ways, either by conducting an analysis of competitors' content on the Internet, or by using tools that help you target the right keywords (personally I would recommend the first method).


Study and analysis of competitors' content

By studying and analyzing the content of competitors that are already leading the search results (we take the first 5 search results for example), this will allow us to know a set of data that distinguishes the topping content of the search results in the topic we are trying to write about.


Write subtitles that are relevant to the topic of the article

Google after the recent updates has become more focused on related searches, that is, it selects articles that provide answers to the topic searched for in addition to providing answers to some of the sub-questions associated with it, and this will enhance the chance that your article will appear for several types of searches and not just in the main keyword (i.e. it will increase impression rates).


Hiring the keyword in the right places

It is one of the oldest methods and strategies that we still follow to this day and its importance has not changed with the passage of new updates, where you will have to focus well while writing the article and put the keyword in its correct places and it is in the main heading, in the subheadings, inside the images of the article and also in the description of the article, and so you will have the opportunity to issue the search results more.


Writing content in specialized topics

This means that you will not write articles on general topics such as "Top 10 motorcycles" but will write an article specific to a particular research process such as "What are the top 10 motorcycles for off-roading?" That is, you will write an article only to answer a particular question, and this method will allow us to reduce competition to more than half and avoid competing with large and old sites in the field.


Steps to Write High Quality Content

  • Answer the visitor's question adequately and convincingly.
  • Pay attention to the order in which the information is displayed.
  • Answer relevant questions.Employ evidence tools.
  • Exclusivity and non-copying from any competitor.


Answer the visitor's question adequately and convincingly

Whatever question the visitor has in the search box, your entire article should be dedicated only to answering that question in detail and clearly, and it is advisable to use the article content table tool, so that the reader can navigate directly to the part of the content you have written.


Attention to the order in which information is displayed

Writing content in an organized manner and in a consistent order of information presentation gives your visitors an idea of how seriously you are in providing them with exclusive high-quality content, and here you will gain their trust so that you will start getting direct visits to your site from searches, and this will greatly raise your domain outsource.


In general, the order in which the information is displayed shows how professional and serious you are at work and this is enough to start getting direct traffic towards your site from searches as you have become known and reliable while continuing to provide high-quality content in the niche of your site.


Answer questions related to the topic of the article

Whatever topic of the article you are writing about, you should target questions that are relevant to the topic of the article, let's say that I want to write content about migration from Lebanon to Turkey which is a general, large and relatively difficult topic to compete for.


So what I have to do is answer the main question of the topic of the article with the answer to a bunch of other questions that are relevant to the main question, and the sub-questions will be such as "What are the advantages of immigrating to Turkey? | What are the disadvantages of immigrating to Turkey? | What is the cost of living in Turkey? | What are the best Turkish cities to live in? etc."


This will make your articles appear in search engines in several categories of searches and thus raise the impression rate of your articles and therefore of your site in general, as well as that way you are giving the visitor all the answers to all the questions they may want to know besides the answer to the main question.


Employing Evidence Tools

The point here is to include a set of tools that help to validate the information you provide to the visitor in your content, do not forget that there are millions of search results in Google and not necessarily all of them are true so you have to stand out at this particular point because it is very important to describe your articles with high-quality content.


Exclusive and no copying from any competitor

Personally, I am against copying or even stealing content without referring to the original source, so if you want to convey information that someone else has done before you in the field of scientific research or in any other field, you should refer to it either by linking to its article or mentioning the name of its site only.


As for the issue of providing copied content, here your topics cannot be considered high quality content, so you should pay attention to the topic of exclusivity and not copy from any other source, and instead try to take quotes and small information from it and rephrase it in your own style so that your articles are considered high-quality content for Google search engines.