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Adsense Alternative 2023 | Best Google Adsense Alternative 2023 (Earn Dollars Instead of Cents)

  Adsense Alternative 2023 | Best Google Adsense Alternative 2023 (Earn Dollars Instead of Cents)

Adsense Alternative 2023
Adsense Alternative 2023

As a blog owner, I can confirm that 90 percent of the searches that are conducted on Google in the current period are centered on "the best alternative to Adsense 2023", because for Google Adsense the situation becomes more and more dire with time, due to several reasons, including the weak return per click and the return per thousand appearances in this advertising company, in addition to tightening the noose on Arabic content in general.


So in today's topic I will show you the results of the long research process that I have conducted on what is currently in the arena of alternatives available to everyone, if you are interested in learning about the best Adsense alternative for 2023 continue this topic to the end.


What is an Adsense alternative? 

Adsense alternative by which we mean the alternative advertising company for him, which we can subscribe to in order to achieve better financial results than what we were getting in Google Adsense, because the latter estimates its profits for some in cents and therefore it has increased somewhat more, in addition to the poor technical support for Arab accounts and this is exactly what makes us look for other alternatives that offer us better and faster support in addition to a better condition for the return per click and thousand impressions. 


What are the criteria for choosing an Adsense alternative 2023? 

Of course, there are a set of criteria that I personally followed in the framework of my study that mainly aims to find the best alternative to Adsense for 2023, and all of them are very important criteria without which we will not be able to continue in the blogging world because financial returns are the incentive for many to continue to provide valuable and restricted content to visitors on search engines. 


The most important criteria for choosing an Adsense alternative 2023

  1. Technical Support
  2. Control panel design and ease of use
  3. The quality and quality of the advertisements.
  4. The profit system in them.
  5. Support countries and types of content.
  6. Withdrawal methods available.
  7. Additional advantages for the publisher. 

The strongest alternative Adsense 2023

After an in-depth search that I did on the Internet for 15 days, I came up with a distinctive result of one of the best and most powerful Adsense alternatives available that everyone can subscribe to and experience three-digit profits away from the crumb profits that we were suffering from with Google Adsense, and this alternative is called Ezoic. 

You may have heard of this advertising alternative before and you may not be, but I am almost sure that you do not have a complete and clear background about this distinctive advertising alternative, so allow me to give you a complete analytical study of the best Adsense alternative for 2023 Ezoic.

Ezuic explained the strongest alternative to Adsense 2023

Now we will analyze the Ezoic advertising network by presenting its results by the criteria for choosing this advertising alternative that are mentioned above.

Technical Support at Ezoic

As for the technical support in this Adsense alternative I found it quickly and most importantly the technical support team was very cooperative with me, as I deliberately prolonged the problem but they stayed with me until I solved a problem that was facing me in the first registration steps, in addition to their style of dealing with me was at the top, in short, the technical support point is excellent for this advertising alternative unlike what is in Google Adsense.

Control panel design and ease of use

In general, it is one of the most important criteria that I personally relied on in choosing the best alternative to Google Adsense 2023 because I take into account the presence of a segment of novice bloggers at least in the field of dealing with advertising networks.

In general, dealing with the interface of the Ezoic platform is easy and simple as it is enough for you to try it at least once until you get a comprehensive idea of how to deal with the Ezoic platform and its main interface.

Quality and quality of advertisements

And this is another important topic for all of us as Muslims and that is the extent to which the ads of this company comply with Islamic law, and some may say that this issue is settled, what do you crave from a company that takes its ads from Google, most of which are Western ads, in fact it is not so, with Ezoic you get more premium ads and also you have full control over the ads, their quality, what appears and what does not appear.

Well for someone coming from Google Adsense you will tell me that with Adsense you were also able to block immoral ads and so on, but for the Adsense alternative that we are talking about today provides you with greater control over the quality of ads and you can also go to the blocking option and enter the link to any ad you do not want to appear again on your site and block it permanently.

Ezoic Profit System

Let's agree that the profit system adopted in Google Adsense is click + impression but a click is necessary in Adsense, well for the Adsense alternative that we are talking about today it works CPM system meaning Cost Per Milli i.e. cost per thousand impressions, as Ezoic charges you to appear alone and click alone that is, if you get a show without clicks you will get profits very normally unlike Google AdSense.

This is one of the most important features of the new Adsense alternative as the requirement to get clicks was a major hindrance for many new blog owners, because they struggled a lot to get clicks.

And not only that, but Ezoic and with time will make a better optimization of your site by studying the behavior of visitors in it, and therefore they will know where are the places where visitors to your site are active and their clicks are frequent and also which types of ads they interact with the most, and therefore you will notice over time an increase in the percentage of your profits and this is what distinguishes the
Ezoic advertising plumbing Gun others.

You may now ask and say, in Google Adsense Google was getting a certain percentage of the profit and I get a certain percentage also as a profit-sharing method, what is the method adopted by the alternative Adsense Ezoic?, and the answer is that there is no profit-sharing system for the Ezoic advertising network.