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E-marketing and online work 2023

2023 E-marketing and online work

Make Money from marketing
Make Money from marketing 

No one denies the fact that working on the Internet has become one of the most sought-after fields in recent years for several reasons, the most important of which is the lack of jobs for young people in their countries, and regardless of that, working online gives its owner complete freedom and amplitude of time and thus his ability to achieve the financial independence to which he aspires, but the Internet has several areas of work, the best and most famous of which is the field of e-marketing, what are the benefits of this field? And what are the most common methods of working with it, all of that and more we will learn about in this article.


What are the benefits of the field of e-marketing?

E-marketing is the contracting of a store or company and the promotion of its products online through a special promotion link, and therefore the marketer receives a profit return authorized by the company for each sale he has made to that product.

The benefits of e-marketing are many, the most important of which is that:

  • It is considered among the most profitable areas on the Internet, as the incomes that the marketer can achieve are unlimited, as long as he runs advertising campaigns for certain products and brings them sales, he earns money, for example if the product marketed to him at a price of $ 50 and the commission of the marketer on it is 20 percent, it means that the marketer will get $ 10 for each single sale and let's say that he got 200 sales of this product from his advertising campaign, it means that he It will make only $2,000 in profits from marketing for one product.

  • It is also considered one of the areas of self-employment, and therefore the marketer has full freedom in the time of his work and style, he is not bound by a specific working time nor by a specific marketing style.
  • If we make a small comparison between the field of e-marketing and another field such as Forex or e-commerce, it is considered a field of little loss and risk, in the end the products are not the property of the marketer as in e-commerce and also their prices are fixed and not in constant and continuous volatility as in the field of Forex.

E-marketing methods

The methods of e-marketing followed by marketers across the world vary, there are those who prefer Facebook ads and others prefer email marketing and others like the idea of marketing content through social media, we find mostly the dependence of marketers almost entirely on the Instagram platform as the best marketing means due to the high results it achieves and the sales that marketers get through it, as marketers rely a lot on the Instagram platform not only as a marketing platform, but they consider it their favorite news station and their wider space to share their events, and therefore the  Instagram is undoubtedly the most powerful means of promotion that an e-marketer can rely on in case their target audience is residents of Europe or America.


Types of E-Marketing

The field of e-marketing is very wide, both in terms of its types and the means used in it, and if we want to talk about the types of e-marketing, we can divide them into:

Email marketing: It is one of the best e-marketing options that you can rely on in case you have a mailing list of people interested in your product that you are trying to promote because email marketing over time has been one of the best marketing methods that achieve strong results for conversions as you will send the target person directly with an attractively designed email message and be an offer to buy the product you are marketing for.

and since this person is from Those interested in this product basically the conversion process will occur in a large proportion and therefore the process of e-marketing will be the least expensive and most successful methods of e-marketing, many marketing experts advise not to neglect email marketing because of its low cost and strong results in achieving sales.

Content Marketing

It is one of the oldest methods of e-marketing that has been relied on in order to bring purchases in the long term as unlike the previous method of email marketing it works in the short term where you will write to someone interested in your product and if he is ready to buy it he will buy it and if he does not want to do so he will not buy it, as for content marketing it is through the creation of a website or blog on the Internet and writing marketing articles about the product that You try to sell it and after the passage of time and the appearance of those articles in the first search results in Google you will start to get visitors.

and from these visitors you may get purchases for the product you promote depending on the quality of the marketing articles you write and since those articles will remain in the Internet for a very long time you have the opportunity to get new purchases of your product as long as those articles are still online and still get visitors.

Marketing through advertising campaigns

This is one of the most popular methods of e-marketing in the current period because it depends mainly on the budget that you will allocate to marketing and promoting your product where you will go to one of the social media platforms and pay money in order to launch an advertising campaign for the product you are trying to sell by designing an attractive publication and writing a high-quality application text in addition to an attractive image of the product or maybe even a video of it,Then you will run the advertising campaign according to the budget you want to pay and the nice thing about this method is that its results depend on how much you choose the right product and good targeting of the category you want to target by the advertising campaign you launched.

and it is also considered one of the easiest methods of e-marketing because it depends on paying money only you do not need to design a presentation and send it via email or write articles and wait for them to appear in the first search results in Google in order to get purchases All you need to do is set your own budget and launch the campaign directly.

Influencer Marketing

What is meant here is the owners of large social media accounts that have good interaction, as this method has become one of the best methods of e-marketing because its results are strong such as email marketing as it is easy as marketing through advertising campaigns, all you need is to find an Instagram account with a large number of followers and it has good interaction and then you write to the owner of that account and offer him to publish the picture of your product with the link to buy it in exchange for paying him Money for a specific period, it will take money from you and put the picture of your product and the link to buy it in a post on his account that has a large number of followers who are somewhat interested in your product, and then you will start to get purchases according to the extent of interest of those followers in your product and also according to the quality of the product image.

In conclusion
E-marketing is a very profitable field especially if you know how to choose the right product in addition to the right targeting of the category interested in that product, and in the end if you master one of the marketing methods that have been addressed in this article you can take advantage of it to promote your product and achieve thousands of dollars a month with ease.