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Fix the problem of broken links | How to Inspect and Fix Broken Links on Site (2023)

 Fix the problem of broken links | How to Inspect and Fix Broken Links on Site (2023)


Broken links are one of the most common problems that may face owners of sites and blogs during their work, and they also have a great impact on the site's SEO and archiving in order to top the search results later, so today I will present you to solve the problem of broken links with how to check and fix broken links in the site.

Fix the problem of broken links
Fix the problem of broken links

What are broken links?

It is a set of links in your site that were previously going to a topic in it or be an external link that takes the visitor to the place he wants outside of your site that used to work but is now disabled when you click on it does not take you anywhere and you will see a 404 error page which means that the page does not exist.

Why is it important to fix broken links?

Broken links have a negative impact on the archiving topic of your site, because archiving bots when you enter your site go to inspect links of all kinds internal and external and in the case of broken links, robots while tracking those links will not find a source or they will meet the mark of 404 pages that do not exist.


In this way, archiving bots will classify your content as misleading or low-quality content due to broken links, so they will exit your site directly and will have broken or broken the archiving because of those invalid links on your site.

Working to fix broken links on your site will get archiving bots to enter your site and start tracking the links you have repaired, and after you reach the source of those links the article will be archived within your site, thus you have met one of the necessary criteria for archiving your site. 

Where do broken links come from?

Broken links arise through several processes and modifications that are done within your site or blog:

  1. Delete content.
  2. Wrong link.
  3. External content is not available.

Delete content

Deleting content from your site causes its link to crash, for example... If you have a topic about football and another about basketball and you make a link between them, so that you put a basketball link inside the football topic, then the day came when you deleted the basketball article from your site.

Then, although the link to the basketball article is still present within the football article, it is a broken link because the basketball article has been permanently deleted from your site.

Wrong link

The other source of broken links in your site is the wrong links, and what I mean by this is that during the writing of an article on your site and during the stage of placing the link in the article is placed wrongly, such as you make a mistake in transferring it by forgetting a mark or letter of it, so the link is disabled and does not connect the reader or search engines to anywhere and therefore it requires you to fix or delete it from your site to maintain the topic of proper archiving of your site.

External content is not available

It is the third source of broken links as the Harji content is not yet available, and this is meant to say that you were writing an article about downloading the game Pace Mobile and you put a direct link to download it from the Google Play Store, and therefore if the game is deleted from the store "for example" it means that there is no longer a game BaseMobile in the Google Play Store and therefore the link to download it will not get you anywhere and this means that it is a broken link and therefore must You should either fix it or delete it from your site so that it doesn't hurt the archiving issue later.

How to scan and fix broken links

After we have learned about the topic of broken links, one important question remains, which is how to check and fix broken links on the site?, It is simple where all we have to do is look for those broken links and then work on fixing them or deleting them from your site.

How do I find broken links in my site?

The process is simple where you can use a free online tool that enables you to scan your site and detect broken links in it, to be able to fix them or delete them permanently from your site and you can use the tool for free from here, prepared by the follow-up steps to check your site from broken links.
Enter the link to your blog or site in the appropriate box and click on Ok.

How do I fix broken links on my site?

The method is simple, after you do a check of your site with the tool whose link is in the previous paragraph, now comes the time to fix the broken links in the site, and this is either by removing them from the articles or by modifying them so that they are compensated by other valid and correct links, and so you will have solved the problem of broken links in your site and therefore you will have achieved one of the conditions for archiving your topics.

What you'll do now is tap on one of the broken links to fix it in the box where the links appear on the far right.

Personally, when I clicked on the first link to "link 1", whose link is disabled because I deleted its topic from my blog, the link took me to an article about "link 2" because in the tool "Topics of interest to you" the link to the topic of the "link 1 that I deleted" appears and in order to delete it I have to delete the tool "Topics that interest you" and then return it again.

This way the link 1 explanation that is a broken link disappears and then I will still have one precipitated link to return to in the site scan tool from the broken links and repeat the process again by deleting or modifying the broken link in your site.