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How to Get High Quality Backlink for My Site to Improve External SEO (2023)

 How to Get High Quality Backlink for My Site to Improve External SEO (2023)


Many bloggers are looking for the best ways to build high-quality backlink for their sites, because they know very well how valuable it is to build a strong and high-quality backlink for your site, so we'll touch on today's topic to talk about how do I get high-quality backlink for my site?

How to Get High Quality Backlink for My Site
How to Get High Quality Backlink for My Site

What is backlink?

In short, backlinks are a set of backlinks that lead the reader to other sites or sources of information outside of your site, and depending on the external sites to which those links lead the quality and efficiency of the backlink you are building is measured.

There are also several other definitions that can be taken into account about the term backlink, for example it can be defined as the links that you add within your articles, and take the reader to sites outside your site and thus contribute to the reader's transition from inside your site to outside it via an external link or external link.

Also can be described as backlinks that take the visitor to a site or source of information useful to him and be related to the topic of the article of course, if you write an article about the benefits of strawberries you can put an external link inside your site takes the visitor to another external site that presents the results of a scientific study on the benefits of strawberries.

and in this way you have developed a link that takes the visitor to an important source of information related to the topic of your article, so in this way you contribute to the construction of Backlink to your site.


What are the types of backlink?

We can distinguish two types of backlinks or backlinks that contribute to archiving your site, namely:


It is that type of backlinx that transfers the authority of a page to your site, and to understand more to say, for example, that you linked your site to the page that shows the results of the scientific study on the benefits of strawberries, if this page has a Big Authenticity of 20, if you link it to an external link of the Dofollow type, your site will get a part of the authority of that page, of course nothing will detract from the value of its autocratic but this is only an example.

In this way it will be very useful to use external links in your site of the Dofollow type because they contribute effectively to increasing your beige outureate and thus improve the external SEO in your site and with it archiving and thus top the search results.


This type is different from the first type in that they are almost opposite in description, as this type is used with internal links that lead to pages that already exist within your site, this means that if you are writing articles centered on the same topic you can link them with internal links or internal links of the type Nofollow.

What distinguishes these links in particular is that they give a signal to archiving bots that these links are not important or that there is no point in crawling them and thus archiving them, and this is because the process of archiving the content of these links does not carry any importance or benefit for your site and this makes sense, given that the source to which these links take you is the content of your site that a counterpart has already archived.

and it is also stand-alone content as it will be crawled. And archive it independently and therefore there is no point in linking it to an internal Dofollow compass and therefore archiving bots will not exit your site and follow that link and therefore they will only remain on the page where they are located and work on archiving them.

What is the importance of building a backlink for the site?

We can summarize the importance of building a backlink for your site in the following points:

Optimize external SEO for your site:

This is because it is one of the criteria for improving the external SEO of your site, which I worked on previously an article that you can see about improving external SEO.

Archiving Optimization:

Getting a natural and high-quality backlink is very important in the archiving process which is the result of improving the external SEO of your site.


Beige Authoriti Optimization:

A strong and high-quality backlink helps you over time to improve the beige orthority of your site, whose role contributes to speeding up the archiving of your topics in the future.


After your site's SEO is improved over time and thus will gain credibility with Google's search blockers, which in turn will contribute to archiving your topics and if they are written correctly, they will top the search results.

These were the most important points that summarize the importance of building a strong and high-quality backlink for your site, and therefore you have to pay attention to this aspect which also falls under the field of optimizing the external SEO of your site.

How much does backlink affect the site's SEO?

Backlink in general has a great and very strong impact on your site, as if you build good backlinks with reliable pages and sites and provide high-quality content, you will take full advantage of all the characteristics and features of backlink in your site, but if you follow random methods in building backlink with low quality this will harm your site in the long run, and the bad, excessive or random use of backlink may completely block your site from Google results and this is a death sentence For your site, so you should pay attention to the topic of good and smooth construction of backlinks in your site.

How do I get a high quality backlink for my site?

There are ways to build high-quality backlinx that you can take advantage of, and they're the best of all:

  • External links with trusted sites

What is meant here is to write articles on your site and link them with external sites or pages that have a high beige orthority and are in the same field, as we said earlier that in this way with Dofollow Palink, your site will benefit from the beige or revolutionary of that site or that page and therefore you have to be careful to link your articles with reliable sources and high orthologic.

  • Guest articles

It is a good way to build a good network of backlinks with a site or sites in the same field as you and with a high orthologic, and to do so you can agree with a site owner in order to put his article "which contains a link to his site" in your site and you do the same to benefit from their orthority.

  • Buying the service

This method is more common but it is not recommended to focus on it too much, and it is done by paying money to the owner of a large site with a high beige orthority to put your article in his site, but this method contains many negatives, the most important of which is that the owners of sites currently began to raise the beige orthority of their sites illegally until it reaches 80.

That way when you see that their site has Big Authenticity 80 you think it's suitable for building backlinks with it, but it's the exact opposite and it will negatively affect the archiving of your site.