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How to profit from Google AdSenseHow to profit from Google AdSense ?

  How to profit from Google AdSense ?

How to profit from Google AdSense
How to profit from Google AdSense

Adsense Google is considered the most famous program and used by a lot of young people. It is the best free way to monetize by showing ads that are proportionate to the content provided and attractive to the website. 


In addition, the look and feel of the advertisement can be determined to suit the website and attract more visitors. 


Google Adsense can also be expressed in another way as the effective advertising medium between the advertiser who aims to increase the number of visitors through this ad, and the publisher who owns the website that aims to make profits by placing these ads and visitors clicking on them. Especially since the choice of AdSense for ads is through a very smart system aimed at choosing the right ads that are compatible with the content of the website in all respects.


How to profit from Google AdSense?

Many wonder what Google AdSense is how to profit from it. So we are going to show you how to profit from AdSense after we have already talked about what Google AdSense is. Despite the ease that AdSense offers to make profits from it, to start making money and profit from it you must achieve and provide the following things: 

  1. Choose a good and attractive idea for your website and suitable for your interests. 
  2. Buy paid hosting and choose a domain name (domain). 
  3. Create a professional website or use the WordPress tool to create your website. 
  4. Provide exclusive, renewable content that complies with Google's policies and values to visitors. Fill out the required form in Google AdSense. 
  5. Place AdSense ads in the best places to make a profit from Google AdSense.

How does Google AdSense work?

 Advertisers are responsible for reimbursement for their advertisements on websites to promote and market their products and services. 

That's why AdSense matches the ads on your site with its content and visitors to attract more of them and thus make the best profits. 


For more clarity we will now talk about how Google AdSense works through the following steps: 

Make it possible to show ads in your site's advertising spaces through an ad code that is pasted into the website in the most appropriate place for monetization. 

The appearance of the highest grossing ads according to the Google AdSense system, which compares the prices of ads set by advertisers according to a realistic auction. 

Take profits and accrued payments generated after ads are billed by AdSense.

Conditions for your admission to Google Adsense

 You need to have some important criteria on your website before you can start working with AdSense and make money. So now we will mention to you the most important of these criteria as follows:

A site with an easy design for the visitor and compatible with both mobile and computer devices.

In addition, the pages are interconnected to each other for easy navigation by visitors to the site.

A distinctive, exclusive, high-value site that is useful to visitors while complying with AdSense's Google AdSense policies that set it as a measure of the quality of what you offer on your site.

In addition, more than thirty articles are available on your site as a secondary criterion and not a single primary one.

A site that is characterized by the large number of visitors until it is accepted to participate in AdSense.

Especially since this standard is achieved through the marketing policies of the site and the distinctive content you provide through it.

A website that serves the visitor through the administrative pages they need that express the official interface of your site.

Now we will mention to you the most important of these administrative pages that must be available as follows:

Privacy Policy Page: This page explains how the site handles private visitor data and is almost static for most sites except for minor changes.

Terms and Conditions page: These terms are also fixed and specific criteria are fixed for all websites. It also explains what a visitor should follow when visiting the site.

Contact Us page: It is useful for the user and visitor to the site to contact its management for details and inquire about various matters.

Site Page: Within it are determined by the objectives of the site and the reasons for the creation of this site easily through the appropriate content you provide on the site.

How to register in Google AdSense

How to register in Google AdSense

After you know the necessary criteria to start making profits from Google AdSense and agree to them, you must follow the steps to register in Google AdSense, which are as follows:

Logging into the AdSense homepage is done by clicking on the link here.

Start creating an account and sign up for AdSense by pressing the green button.

Enter the link to your website and email after agreeing to receive AdSense messages and then save the actions and continue.

Choose the name of the country as well as agree to the full terms and then click on Create Account.

Google then registers your Gmail account that you will use in AdSense.

Enter the detailed data that appears after the new feature notifications window and then send it. These data also include:

The account type is individual or commercial and here it is individual.
The name of the account is known through your Gmail account.
The exact and clear address.
Current city.
Your phone number.
Linking your website to Google AdSense thus starts evaluating and approving your account. 

This link is done through code by returning to the website developer or through WordPress. 

Go back to your AdSense account and tell them that you've pasted the code into your site and then select Done. 

AdSense then starts evaluating your site and then sends approval if it meets the conditions or rejection with a reason.


Google Adsense Features

Google AdSense is simple enough to allow publishers to make very abundant profits through Google Ads. That's why we will mention to you the most important of these features as follows:

  1. It allows changing ad formats for site compatibility and placements as well.
  2. In addition to automatic targeting of appropriate ads for content and the possibility of blocking categories of ads.
  3. It helps you grow your activities and business by having utilities to create and monetize your Google Account.
  4. Help you see the chances of your activity growing and growing through tools and reports dedicated to understanding the performance of your ads.
  5. AdSense gives you direct access to a wide advertiser base and increases competition for advertising space on your website thus increasing profits.
  6. The program designs ads for video and games as well as full coordination and integration with other Google programs, especially Google Analytics.

Disadvantages of Google Adsense

  1. Google can close your account permanently and at any moment without notice in case you violate the Terms of Use.
  2. The percentage of profits you will get is low due to Google's relatively large share.
  3. Few and unvaried withdrawal methods.
  4. AdSense quarters are generally considered low compared to other online alternatives.
On the other hand, we have touched on a previous topic to talk about the most important alternatives to Google Adsense on the Internet, which you can register in and / you thanks to the wonderful advantages it provides to you and which unfortunately do not exist in AdSense, but on the other hand each ad network has its own advantages and disadvantages and that is why you have to choose for yourself the best option for you and your site in order to make a profit from the Internet through your website.