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CV | Design a professional CV for free | Top 3 Ways to Design a CV 2023

 CV | Design a professional CV for free | Top 3 Ways to Design a CV 2023

Design a professional CV
Design a professional CV 

The CV is one of the most prominent topics that everyone who is on the verge of applying for a job somewhere, and because the CV guarantees the candidate to win the position by a large percentage, it is considered a very important thing that must be prepared with all care and accuracy, so we will learn in today's topic about the best way to design a professional resume for free 2022.


What is a CV?

A CV in short is a paper or several papers in which the entire personal information, course of study and career path of the person concerned is edited in a sophisticated and respectfully coordinated manner in order to enhance the chances of the holder to get the job he is trying to apply for and in which they at all times request the CV of the candidate for that job.  

Why do we need a CV?

As we said before, the CV is an important element in the process of applying for a new job, because the committee in charge of receiving the files of candidates always requires the availability of the candidate's CV within his profile, through which they will be able to know a set of personal information about the candidate in addition to his academic and professional path with some of his achievements if any.

All this information will be useful in the process of filtering the costs of candidacy and selecting the most suitable candidate for employment based on his scientific and professional qualifications, so if you are trying to write or design your CV for this purpose, you should make sure that the latter appears professionally and distinctively so as to give a good first impression of yourself to the entity to which you will direct your candidacy file.


What are the components of the CV?

In general, the CV contains several sections of information that belong to its owner and in detail it consists of:

  • Personal Information: It is information that belongs to the owner of the CV in particular such as name, surname, date and place of birth, nationality, gender... Etcetera.


  • The scientific track, which is the section of the curriculum vitae that shows the course of study of the owner, for example, where he received his education, within which discipline he studied, and on what certificate he obtained... Etcetera.


  • Career path: The CV holder may have previously worked with a company or institution or even may have held a government position at some point in his life, so in the section "Career path: All information about his previous work is included with various entities, whether it is a company, institution or even a government entity.

  • Achievements: Here all the achievements made by the CV holder in his life are presented and are often related to either the scientific or practical path such as doing research in a specific field, obtaining a patent or having a huge project done successfully... Etcetera. 

How to design a professional resume for free 

Looking for ways to design a professional resume for free has become one of the most searched topics for everyone who needs to get his own resume for some reason, and there are many services on the Internet that provide you with writing and designing a resume but they are paid services, so we will now learn about the 3 best ways to design a resume: 

  1. Photoshop CV Design: Photoshop can be used for many purposes including writing and designing a professional CV for free, but the only drawback of this method is that you will need to be an expert in using this program for this purpose, while most people may not have this requirement so you lose the rest of the methods.
  2. Design a CV using FlowCV: It is an online site that allows you to register and open your own account on the site, after which you will be able to write and design a professional resume for free by choosing the components that you want to add to your CV, so it is considered the best way to design a resume.
  3. Design a CV using Canva: It is a program famous for designing various types of designs such as logos, advertising banners, covers, book covers, thumbnails of YouTube videos ... And many more, but among what Canva lets you design is a CV as it shows you a bunch of ready-made templates that you can just edit through your profile picture and private information and delete what you want to delete and then upload your CV with a PDF with ease. 
But when it comes to the best way to design a professional resume for free, among the 3 methods that we talked about, we recommend using the second method, which relates to the design of the resume using the FlowCV website, for the special features provided by the site such as the possibility of choosing from dozens of ready-made templates in addition to the possibility of adding all possible changes to your CV.

What is the importance of a CV?

The CV has great importance in many areas especially after you graduate and finish your course of study, and the importance of the CV can be limited to the following points:

  1. Increase your chances of getting jobs and job opportunities.
  2. Raise morale and self-confidence.
  3. Arrange your information and achievements into one organized and professional document.
  4. Introduce people and various other parties to yourself and give them an idea of who you are. 

Increase your chances of getting jobs

Imagine with me that you are going to a recruitment office or to a company and you want to apply for it as a new employee, of course you will carry with you your certificates in addition to your CV, then the official of the recruitment office will ask you for your CV and based on it he will evaluate you fully in addition to the interview he will conduct with you, and the CV here will be very important in terms of presenting your entire scientific and practical path in addition to all your skills and experience that the company can benefit from. 

 But before this and that the first thing the employee will notice regardless of everything is your resume, what does it look like, is it well designed and elegant, is the information written in a consistent way and does your profile picture appear well and in high quality?, all these criteria will be answered by your CV that you designed previously, hence the importance of taking care of the design of your CV. 

Raise morale and self-confidence:

If you design your CV professionally and systematically, you will have great self-confidence, and this is because you already know that you have an excellent CV in form and content and therefore your employment opportunities will rise and with it your self-confidence, which is an important factor and required for a job interview. 


Arrange your information in one document:

As it is the primary function of a CV, it organizes all your information, achievements, experiences, skills and certificates into one distinctive document and is attractively designed and professional, and this is very important both in job interviews with companies and anywhere else you may need to show your CV. 


Introducing people to you

A CV is the best way to introduce yourself to others from the perspective of looking for a job or job, because it is a single document that summarizes hours of talk about your achievements, skills and experiences, and it does not need the art of speech or something like that It is a written document that is easy to read and identify its information and data, so this will make it easier for the official to receive information about the candidate clearly, and also make it easier for the candidate to present himself to the official or employer.