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What is Ezoic and how can I profit from it?

 What is Iswick and how can I profit from it ?

What is Ezoic
What is Ezoic

Ezoic is currently one of the best and most powerful advertising networks that pay you money in order to display their ads on your site, and this is the case with most competitors online, but a large number of site owners suffer from a problem which is that they work with Google Adsense to profit from them but it is a company that offers weak profits in addition to the profit-sharing system in it makes it take a large percentage of profits and therefore will not leave you much.


Hence I tell you to stop using Google Adsense in order to profit from your site and start working with Ezoic stronger and best advertising alternative for everyone thanks to its strong features that will make you able to get rich by blogging in your site and displaying their ads to you, and I promise you that it will be dollars and not just cents.


What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is an advertising network like Google Adsense and the rest of the other advertising networks that pay you the article in exchange for you to display their ads on your site, which specializes in a specific field and has a good voracious traffic rate so that these advertising networks accept you. 


But Ezoic is not only a competitor to Google Adsense but also rises to the rank of a strong alternative, as there are many owners of sites and blogs from different parts of the world who have converted from Google Adsense to Ezeic as soon as they see the percentage of profit they can get compared to Adsense, in addition to the rest of the other features provided by Ezoic that you can also take advantage of in order to increase your profits and achieve financial independence only from your home and using your website.


Why do you consider Ezoic to be better than Google AdSense?

Simply this is due to a research I did on the Internet previously where I compared the two companies Adsense and Ezoic in terms of advantages and disadvantages and almost everything and found that Ezoic surpasses Adsense in most important points, as for Google Adsense surpasses Ezoic in the point that Google Adsense is a globally known partner and therefore you work with Google and it is the one that pays you money, it is a kind of strong credibility or something like that, but in fact it does not No one cares about it. 


No one cares about the topic of credibility because Ezoic is a fully reliable company as it gets its ads from Google ad stores, but the difference here is that it only shows you ads that suit you personally and suit your visitors and are of high quality so that you can make more profits through them unlike what is available to you with Google AdSense.


What are the withdrawal methods in Ezoic?

This is where things will start to become more exciting, because most bloggers have problems with the means of withdrawal provided by most advertising networks, led by Google AdSense.

  • The withdrawal methods available to you at Ezoic are:
  • PayPal (fast transfer + 2% fee).
  • Pioneer (high transfer fee).
  • Bank Transfer 


Note: As for withdrawing via PayPal, it has some negatives that may be a problem for you and may not be, but in general the withdrawal from Ezoic via PayPal is that the minimum amount is $ 20 + the transfer fee is 2 percent + dealing with PayPal electronic bank is prohibited in some countries, so you can choose one of the other withdrawal methods in this case.


Personally, I see that Ezoic offers all the basic withdrawal methods that at least we all have at least one of them, plus you can withdraw your profits to the withdrawal method you have chosen when you reach the minimum withdrawal of profits of $ 20, which I see as suitable for everyone more than the $ 100 in Google Adsense that is difficult to reach especially for novice bloggers.


What are the advantages of Ezoic for bloggers?

There are several factors that I relied on during my choice of the Ezoic platform in order to present it to you as the best Adsense alternative for 2023, including some hidden features that you can not know until through today's topic or direct experience with this excellent advertising alternative to Google Adsense, and the most important of those hidden features are the following:

  1. A new and very profitable type of advertising.
  2. Advanced optimization to increase profits. 
  • New and very profitable type of ads with Ezoic: In fact, Ezoic allows you to use a very profitable type of advertising on your site to increase profit with the RPM upload in your site more, in case you have a YouTube channel where you will be able to upload one of the videos on your site and put it on the waiting page for example, where the ads are displayed inside the clip while waiting for the visitor.
  • Optimization is advanced to increase profits: According to the statement of the platform Ezoic and many publishers dealing with it, as your profits will increase between almost every three months thanks to the continuous optimization of the platform on your site in order to know the best types of ads to show to your visitors according to their interests and interaction in your site and finally according to the niche of your site, and this image is the estimated gradation of your profits in the long term when dealing with the Ezoic platform. 

Questions and answers about Adsense's new alternative to Ezoic

How do I register for Ezoic?

  • Click on this link to register for Ezoic.
  • Fill in the fields with your personal data.
  • Pass the Ezoic test.
  • Link your site to the company.
  • Install ads in your site and start making a profit.

What are the conditions of Ezoic?

  • Your site should provide exclusive content of value and benefit to the visitor.
  • Your site gets 10,000 visits per month (this requirement is no longer required).
  • Your site should be fast loading (choose the fastest hosting).
  • The presence of a privacy policy page.

What are the policies of Ezoic?

Ezoic follows almost the same policies as Google Adsense but the only difference between them is that Ezoic is less stringent than the other, as you can communicate with customer service with ease and cooperate with them to solve any problem you have, in addition to that even if you violate one of their usage policies there is at least a possibility that they will contact you to warn you, not like Adsense that you cannot know your account will be completely closed at any moment.