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Working online from home 2023 | What are the best areas of working from home? ($2,000 per month)

Working online from home 2023 | What are the best areas of working from home? ($2,000 per month)

Working online from home is one of the most searched topics on Google over the years, because the topics of working on the Internet and owning a basic or additional source of income from the Internet have become the talk of the hour and the point of correction of many, but the Internet is also full of job sites scams, scams and others and you do not want your effort and fatigue to be stolen in vain, so I will present you in today's topic the best areas of work on the Internet from home 2023.

Working online from home 2023
Working online from home 2023

The importance of working online from home in 2023

The fields of working online from home are of great importance nowadays, as jobs on the ground are no longer available enough, in addition to the fact that most Arab countries suffer from a decline in the value of the currency, so the only solution for these is to work online from home, as it will open new horizons for them by exploiting their time, experience and skills in making money and obtaining an additional and perhaps basic source of income for them from the Internet, and here lies the importance of work Online from home.


But even though you make the decision to start working online, there is still a small problem that you do not know where to start, so in today's topic I will show you how to choose the right field of work online for you to start according to your abilities and possibilities.

How do I choose the right online field for me?

The right online field of work for you can be chosen through a set of criteria that are closely related to you, for example if you are a university student and do not have much time to work online, there are areas that do not suit you such as blogging, which is why here are the steps to choose the right field of work online for you:

  1. Expertise
  2. Your Potential 
  3. Time

We mean your personal tendencies as everyone is different in what he wants, for example there are people who prefer to take information from readable sources such as websites and others and not from YouTube videos, as well as choosing the field of work on the Internet from home, as you have your own tendencies, for example, you may like to write on the keyboard and therefore writing articles is a suitable field for you, or you may have the art of persuasion and here you can go with affiliate marketing... And so on.

  • Expertise

It is one of the most important criteria that you should focus on when choosing the field of work on the Internet that is suitable for you, in case you have experience in a certain field and to say video editing for example, freelance work is your best option by subscribing to one of the freelansing sites and opening your own account and offering video editing services to others at reasonable prices and high quality, and so you will achieve monthly returns that may exceed $ 2,000 per month, depending on the quality of what you provide of services in general, and I can suggest You have some of the best foreign freelance sites in 2023:

Fiverr - Upwork - Freelancer

  • Your Potential

And what we mean here is your financial capabilities in particular, because there are many areas of work on the Internet from home that require investment in the beginning in order to make a profit later, and there are areas that need to have a laptop or desktop computer to start in, for example the field of affiliate marketing is profitable but you must invest in it first in order to make a profit, and I can suggest you a group of profit sites from affiliate marketing that you can start In case you are an expert in the field and have the necessary financial capabilities:

ClickBank - CJ - Amazon 

  • Time

As the last important criterion for determining the areas of work on the Internet from home suitable for you comes the role of time, as it is a major and very important factor try to invest in it as much as possible, if you are an employee and your free hours are few and let's say that you have only two hours a day, then you have to choose the field of Internet work does not take you much time as its returns are fast, for example providing services on microservices sites such as the one I shared with you is good for you, even if it is Profits are small at first but they will flourish later as you can adjust the prices of your services as you like.


What are the best areas of online work from home in 2023?

Based on a series of research we have done on the topic of areas of working online from home, we have found a distinctive set of areas of online work that you can start in one of them whatever your circumstances, and now here are the best areas of online work from home in 2023:

  • Create and profit from a website

It is perhaps the most popular way to profit from the Internet, but it is still the best for those who have time to work and do not have money, they can create a free blog on Blogger and start writing content that complies with SEO standards and of high quality for visitors, and after a while they can make a profit from their sites by showing legitimate ads + profit from affiliate or affiliate marketing.


After your website becomes popular and brings in more than 10,000 visitors per month, for example, you can add affiliate links to products related to what you write about within topics, and this you can monetize affiliates and legitimate ads at the same time.

  • Selling Services Online

Where you can register in the freelance sites that I mentioned to you earlier in this article and offer services that you are good at doing such as writing articles or designing logos at prices that suit you, and even if you do not have experience in design and writing do not worry you can provide services that do not need experience such as customer service, if there is someone who has an electronic store you can work in customer service in his store for a certain period of time at a certain price that you add in your service, or you can also add services As simple as managing Facebook, Instagram and other pages.

  • Selling educational courses

It is one of the most ignited areas of work on the Internet from home in the recent period as we have seen a lot of marketers marketing educational courses in multiple fields and selling them to those interested in them at good prices, as in this area and if you are skilled in marketing courses and convincing people to buy them from you, you can make $ 2,000 from the first month of work in this field according to your effort.

  • Web Programming & Application Development

There is no doubt that you have heard a lot of sayings such as "Programming is the profession of the future", this is quite true as websites, mobile applications, games, programs and everything depends on programming, which is why professional programmers and specialists in certain fields are a "rare currency" in our time, because companies and even individuals are looking for professional and specialized programmers in order to hire them for huge amounts that may exceed $ 5,000 per month, why not programmers who provide their services in the framework of freelance work earn many times this The amount, so if you have a skill or experience in the world of programming you can make thousands of dollars a month from it.