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Optimize external SEO | Here are the most important factors for improving external SEO (2023)

 Optimize external SEO | Here are the most important factors for improving external SEO (2023)


 Optimizing the external SEO of your site is one of the most important topics that you may be interested in one of the stages of blogging and creating a successful website on the Internet, because of its great importance and impact on archiving the topics of your site for search results in Google and thus gaining more visitors, what is the improvement of external SEO?, and what are the most important factors for improving external SEO in your website?.

Optimize external SEO
Optimize external SEO

What is Off-Page SEO Optimization

Optimizing external SEO is a set of practical steps and procedures that every site owner takes in order to improve the level of appearance of their articles in the first search results, and this of course comes after the process of improving internal SEO that we have already talked about in a previous article on the blog you can read from here.

The process of improving the external SEO of the site involves improving a set of components of the external SEO of our site, which we will learn about in the next paragraph in preparation for how to improve them.

What are the elements of external SEO?

Before we begin the process of optimizing the external SEO of our site, we must first identify the constituent elements of it:

  • Backlinks
  • E-A-T 

What are backlinks?

They are the links inside your site, which are considered external links, that is, when you click on them take you off the site and take you to another content or site on the Internet, and the higher the Authoritative Score for the external site, the more trusted Google robots are in your site and the higher your Authoritative Score as well and thus the faster and quality of the process of archiving articles in it and thus the results of search in case you know how to make your articles top the search results in Google.

What is E-A-T and why is optimizing it important for your site?

The E-A-T is an abbreviation for the word Expertis-Authoriy-Trust and represents Google's new standard in nominating articles to lead search results related to the quality of content, as paying attention to these three features in the content of your site makes you a candidate to top search results in keywords and topics that you aim to write about.

In short, the three properties represent the authority, experience, and credibility of the information you display in the content you write, and authority means that your content has authority over the rest of the other content in terms of your coverage of all aspects and angles of the topics you write about so that you are interested in explaining them in detail.

So that the reader does not need to visit other search results in the same topic as you and this means that they have already found in your site and content the answer for which they entered and therefore you are writing high-quality SEO content, but if you are wondering about the topic, I advise you to read the article How to write high-quality content to top the search results in Google?.

Why is E-A-T important for improving the external SEO of your site?

The reason is simply because of Google's updates in the field of topping search results and SEO in general, as it has passed new laws regarding high-quality content and how it will be nominated from now on to the top of search results.

Google believes that content that has authority over other content in terms of its coverage of all aspects of the topic from questions and information to others, and also that has credibility and that has been written with high experience in the topic and writing SEO content, is the most appropriate to display to the reader and therefore will be nominated to top the first search results in Google, which is why you have to learn how to make your articles top the search results.

The most important factors for improving external SEO Off-Page SEO

  • Correct use of backlinx

This is by continuing to write high-quality SEO content in your nich, and over time and if the content you write is integrated so that it is suitable to be a reliable source of information, then the owners of sites that have a close orientation to your site will start adding links to your articles within their topics as reliable sources of information, and thus you will start to get real backlinks naturally away from the twisted ways that will negatively return to your site.

  • Guest posts

They are publications or articles that you write on external sites or forums in your name with a link to your site, and they contribute to bringing visitors to your site as well as improving external SEO, and are a great way to promote your brand and also contribute to building backlinks backlinks to your site.

  • E-A-T

As I explained to you earlier, the E-A-T is Google's new standard in evaluating the quality of your content, so the more you work to improve it in the ways described at the beginning of the article, the better it will be in improving the external SEO of your site Off-Page SEO and thus your articles will lead to Google's search results and finally bring visitors to your site.